The process for our PTO events, activities, and fundraisers begins with an idea and the willingness to make it happen. From there the rest is pretty easy…

Send an email to with the following information:

  1. Name of the Event
  2. Short description of the event
  3. Name and email of the person(s) that will be coordinating this event
  4. Event timeline (i.e. One time in the spring, or once a month, etc.)
  5. Estimated number of volunteers needed for the event and if you already have them or need them
  6. Estimated costs of the event
  7. If a fundraiser, purpose of the funds raised

The proposed event will then be listed on the proposed events page and shared in the PTO Facebook site for discussion and review.

All the proposed events will be reviewed at the next PTO meeting. At that time they can be approved or not, or possibly have a request for more information.

Please view this post to see how proposed events will be reviewed/scored.

Once approved, the event will be listed on the approved events page and added to the Activity Calendar.