Event/Activity Rating Method

The PTO Officers will use a standard method to score each proposed event to determine approvals. Each officer will use the scale below to score each proposed event and those scores will be averaged.

Please keep these items in mind when proposing your events:

Event Scoring Criteria:

  • Will this event build relationships/sense of community (the top request of our PTO from the survey)? Points – 1 to 20 (20 being the best)
  • Is there educational value to the event? Points – 1 to 10 (10 being the best)
  • Cost/Value? Meaning – if a fundraiser is there a goal and will this event reach it? Or if not a fundraiser is the cost in line with the value? Points – 1 to 20 (20 being the best value)
  • Are there any liability concerns with the event? (Basically things like: will faculty be involved to cover the background check risk, is there any other risk that needs covered, etc.) Points – 1 to 40 (40 being the least risk or 100% covered risk)
  • Is the event well outlined; general details outlined, timeline in line with other events/school functions, receiving good feedback from parents, students, and staff? Points – 1 to 10 (10 being the best)

Pucker Up With a Pig

Cancelled for 2016-17

Name: Beth Hagen

Event: Pucker Up With a Pig

Description: Pucker Up With a Pig
When: Week of February 13th – 17th; Friday the 17th being the big day in which the top 3 chosen staff get the opportunity to chase down the pig and give it a great big kiss!
Cost- $1 per vote
Description: Voting containers displayed in office with each one decorated with a photo of a staff member. Daily updates through the week announced on the PA system indicating which staff currently have the most votes.
What we need- the pig, staff to volunteer to want to kiss the pig, containers, and posters (maybe one down each hall).
PTO volunteers: ? (I was thinking maybe about 3)

Information still needed: what would the raised funds be for?