Back to School Picnic

Name: Talia Bolanos

Comment: I know it’s pretty earlier to plan this. More details will be coming soon!

Back to School Picnic

Thursday August 10th 6 pm.
Sandwich style potluck.
Kindergarten: Sliced Tomatoes
1st Grade: Lettuce
2nd Grade: Bread
3rd Grade: Mayo or Mustard
4th Grade: Turkey
5th Grade: Ham
6th Grade: Chips
7th Grade: Side Dishes (potato salad/salad/fruit salad/fruit)
8th Grade: Desserts

PTO will provide Plates, napkins, and cutlery. I’m not sure of what cost would be for that $40-$50

Pastries with Parents

More details coming soon!

Name: Talia Bolanos

Comment: Pastries With Parents

Wednesday May 24th, before school starts. 7:30 to 8. We can adjust time if needed.
Either $2 or $3 per person.
Pastries of course. Muffins, donuts, or croissants etc.
Fruit. Bananas and maybe mixed fruit bowl.
Coffee and milk. Sugar and creamer.

Fill the Pig

More details coming soon!

Name: Talia Bolanos

Comment: Fill the Pig: Change Wars
May 1st through May 12th.
We will need 8 empty milk jugs. Which we can paint pink and design to look like pigs and would need to label each pig to identify grade. Students will then bring any spare change to fill the pig. At the end of two weeks we will determine which class has gathered the most spare change and have a ice cream party for the class. Maybe the next Friday after event ends 5/19. Funds earned will go towards each classroom that raised the funds from their pig.
Would need maybe 3 volunteers. And only funding we would need is for spray paint to paint milk jugs and to purchase ice cream for winners. Unless another prize for winning class can be thought up.

Dodge Ball Tournament

More details coming soon!

Name: Talia Bolanos

Comment: Proposed event Friday March 17th or Saturday March 18th
Dodge Ball Tournament for grades 6th through 8th. Students sign up in teams of 6. No fee, free event. Get medals for the winners.
Sell concessions, popcorn, soda, water, hot dogs? Any funds raised above costs would go towards the laminator purchase.

Play Day

Date: December 16th 3PM – 6PM

Coordinator: Teresa Fleming

Description: Because our December meeting will be at the Hippie Swirl event we won’t be having the Movie/Meeting. I wanted to have an afternoon where children could be dropped off and we could still have a movie ‘night’. But more than just a movie, there will be a few craft activities as well.

Also, being close to Christmas I thought it may be a good day to allow parents to have an afternoon to shop without the kids, or just relax before the 2 week break.

Cost will be $2 per student.

The funds would be used to pay for the craft activities, and any earnings beyond that would go towards the laminator funds.

A Sign Up has been created HERE Рwe ask that all students planning on attending sign up so we can have the right number of craft activities. Payment should be made at the event (cash or check). All students should plan on being picked up at 6:15PM.

Fall Festival / Winter Carnival

Date: Proposed Fall Festival for October 2017 / Winter Carnival (?)

Coordinator: Sarah Spry, Misty Hudon, Teresa Mead

Description: Each class would create and operate an activity booth as well as a few booths created by the PTO. Tickets would be sold for booth activities. Proceeds for each class booth would go into the class funds and PTO proceeds would be for a laminator purchase.