11/10/17 Agenda

Please review the agenda for the upcoming meeting on our Facebook page or through docs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bYwMqVRGx6F6QhR7-eFJxaaY-NmGanIZ0R4w3JhVcig/mobilebasic


First 17-18 PTO Meeting!

Can you believe it?? 7 days until school starts back up! Hope everyone had a super summer!

Our first meeting will be this Friday – 8/11/17 – at 6 PM at the school. It is expected to be a quick meeting with a short agenda (see below) therefore there will be no movie played. Children are still welcome!

Proposed 8/11 agenda:

1. PTO Status review
a. What inactive status means for now
b. What it could mean for the remainder of this school year
c. What it could mean after this year
2. Financials review
3. Open positions
4. Next meeting plan

Upcoming School Year (2017-18) PTO Status

The Falcon Ridge PTO will begin the upcoming school year in an inactive status. We currently only have 2 officers (Sarah Peterson Spry and myself). While we might be able to manage some of the PTO events with just us, it simply is not possible to correctly manage the organization this way. We will continue to: reimburse teachers/staff from their class funds, hold our monthly meeting/movies, and collect the classroom box tops. All PTO events, fundraisers, etc. beyond those noted above however are at this time canceled.