About our PTO

As described in our By-Laws, the objectives of the Falcon Ridge PTO are to promote a closer relationship between the home and the school, that parents and teachers may cooperate in the education of Falcon Ridge students. In addition, the PTO hopes to develop between Falcon Ridge teachers and parents such united efforts as will secure for all Falcon Ridge students the highest advantages in cognitive, social and personal development.

2016-2017 Officers

President: Teresa Fleming (email: so.tuesday@gmail.com)

Vice President: Sarah Spry (email: sjspry@msn.com)

Treasurer: Currently vacant – please contact us if interested!

Secretary: Misty Hudon  (email: hudonfamily@yahoo.com)

2016-2017 Class Contacts

K: Talia Bolanos  (email: elmoma888@yahoo.com or bolanos810@gmail.com)

1st: Sarah Spry (email: sjspry@msn.com)

2nd: Misty Hudon (email: hudonfamily@yahoo.com)

3rd: Michelle Miley (email: michellaplus3@gmail.com)

4th: Dani Mendiola  (email: dostolasa@hotmail.com)

5th: Angie Johnson (email: 298tall@gmail.com)

6th: Michelle Miley (email: michellaplus3@gmail.com)

7th: Teresa Fleming (email: so.tuesday@gmail.com)

8th: Teri Aldrich (email: terialdrich@msn.com)