PTO Meeting and Movie (Balto) tonight at 6:00 pm at the FRPCS

We have a lot of really good info to provide our members and this is going to be a meeting you don’t want to miss. For the kids— bring some movie goodies and let them have fun with some friends (in their PJs right!)


Update of PTO Bylaws Meeting 1/13

Our special meeting to review and update the PTO bylaws last night was a great team meeting and very productive. An update on the bylaws will be provided at the regular PTO meeting scheduled for 1/20! We are working to have an initial budget plan for everyone. We hope to see you this Friday- it is a big job when it comes to bylaws and budgets, and we need every single person to get this finalized!

Here’s a link to our final draft: Bylaw Final Draft

PTO Meeting Agenda for 1/20/17

Agenda for PTO Meeting / January 20th at 6:00

– Call the meeting to order 6 pm

– Financial Report (10 minutes)

– School board news (5 minutes)

– Open item status updates:

Recent Officer changes (5 minutes)

Bylaw meeting (5 minutes)

Shirt Sales (5 minutes)

School Directory (5 minutes)

Hippie Swirl Fundraiser (5 minutes)

Play Day (5 minutes)

Proposed Events (10 minutes)

– Class contact input/discussions (15 minutes)

– Set February meeting date/movie (5 minutes)

– Adjourn meeting

Special PTO Officer meeting

Just a quick message to let everyone know we are holding a special meeting of the current PTO Officers (we have also invited Mr. Green and prior PTO Officers) to review and update the current PTO Bylaws tomorrow at the school at 4:30.

An update will be provided at the regular PTO meeting scheduled for 1/20!